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  1. A new website: now on Eleventy!

    Announcing the new version of my personal website - this time around I built it in Eleventy.

  2. Advice on interviewing for Junior Developers

    Some advice on how to stand out during an interview when your a Junior Developer - either right out of a bootcamp/school, or still early in your career.

  3. Life Lessons Learned From Running a Marathon: How to do something really hard

    What I learned from doing something really, really hard.

  4. Books I Read in 2018

    7 of the best books I read last year - 3 fiction, 4 non-fiction.

  5. The unsung develpment tool: Spreadsheets

  6. JavaScript events: .target vs .currentTarget

  7. Things I wish I knew when starting with Python

  8. Looping Video Backgrounds: pointers and pitfalls

  9. Don’t be a dumb developer

  10. Simplicity comes with experience

  11. Do the least amount possible

  12. Accessible links without underlines

  13. The Strategic Job Hunt

  14. Surviving Getting Laid Off

  15. Why SVG is so cool (or: what happens when you're late to the party on something)

  16. Not Communicating is Not an Option

  17. Front End Developers - the seamstresses of the web?

  18. How I got my name

  19. My favorite word: Octothorp

  20. HTML5 is dead. Long live HTML.

  21. On staying focused

  22. What some hippies taught me about work ethic