How I got my name

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Most people can guess that my real name isn't Chip. It is indeed a nickname, though I hardly ever think of myself by my legal name.

The story is that my legal name is a passed down family name, one that I share with my father.

My mom agreed to the family name, but she insisted that a nickname would need to be used, and it couldn't relate to my legal name.

So when I was two days old, my grandmother looked at me, and I apparently smiled at her. Then, she said something that has shaped the course of my life:

"Oh, he looks like a chipmunk - his cheeks puff up when he smiles. Why don't you call him Chip?"

Now that I've had that name for over three decades, I can honestly say: thank you, Grandma.

[Extra points if anyone who doesn't know me already can figure out my legal name]