My favorite word: Octothorp

Note: this post in response to the Post a Week challenge over at

My favorite word is Octothorp. What is an octothorp you say?

It’s more commonly known as the “pound sign”: # .

But the correct name for this piece of punctuation is Octothorp.

I like this word for a number of reasons - it’s esoteric value, the way it ‘looks’, but most especially how it’s pronounced. It’s pronounced just the way it looks - “Awk - toe - thorp”. Say it a few times - it’s fun!

On a related note, I’m not sure what my least favorite word is. The current front runner is “leverage” - when it’s used as a verb, not a noun. I work with a bunch of consultants, and they use that word to no end. It drives me crazy, and makes someone sound like they instantly have no idea what they’re talking about.

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