How to “preview” a click event tag in the Google Tag Manager console

A quick, but super useful tip, if you’re spending a lot of time creating tags in Google Tag Manager on click events.

The Google Tag Manager console

Assuming you have the Google Tag Manager Console open (by having your container in ‘preview’ mode) – have you wanted to be able to click on something, and see what tag fires, without going on to the page/URL that you just clicked?

If you’re on a Mac, simply hold the command key while clicking on the link that you’re trying to test your tag on. (I assume the Control key will do the same on Windows) This will:

  • Prevent the page from loading the clicked URL
  • Show you what tag fired in the Google Tag Manager console
  • Still register ‘real time’ events in Google Analytics, if that is what you’re using

I’ve not seen this idea documented elsewhere, so I hope this is useful to others.

  • Dana

    Yes, it is working on Windows also. Thank you, I really needed this! I’ve been trying so much to stop page loading :)))))

  • Stuart Young

    Thank you so much, this has been holding me back.

    • Chip Cullen

      Glad it helped!

  • Seth Nenstiel

    Any tips on doing this with a form submission? I want to see if the tag fires and what element/class/id is not registering for the tag. But every time I click the form it passes through. I cannot CMD or CTRL click the form.

    • Chip Cullen

      Hrm. That is a good question. Unfortunately, nothing is springing to mind. My use case was primarily navigation click tracking, not form submission. If you every figure something out, I would love to hear about it!