Why three typefaces rule the web, and what you can do about it

Design Systems expert Nathan Curtis* tweeted this the other day:

This got me thinking – anecdotally, those three typefaces have been the ones primarily used on every project that I’ve worked on for maybe the last four or five years. This very blog is (currently) set in Source Sans Pro. It’s impossible to compile statistics on this (or is it?), but it his statement rings true in my experience.

Why do those three typefaces – Proxima Nova, Open Sans, our Source Sans Pro – seem to rule the web? What are there any pitfalls of using them? What do they have in common? What should we look for in alternatives? What are some example alternatives we can consider?

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Link: Jonathan Snook: “CSS Concerns”

Wow! There’s a lot of good posts going out this week. Jonathan Snook offers up his list of concerns when authoring CSS:

  1. Consistency: How can I maintain consistency in my design and development?
  2. Clarity: How can I make it easier for people to understand what I’ve developed?
  3. Efficiency: How can I speed up development?
  4. Change: How can I make it easier to make changes?
  5. UX: How can I improve the user experience?

It would be worth some time examining your concerns when developing. I hope to take some time to reflect and share mine in a future post.

Link: Ethan Marcotte “On Container Queries”

Ethan Marcotte, coiner of the term “Responsive Design“, weighs in on the need of container queries.

I hope that Ethan lending his prominent voice will revive interest in this topic, and get some movement on getting browser vendors to sign on. There was a lot of interest in the topic a little while ago – including a great A List Apart article by Mat Marquis. However, it doesn’t seem like much has happened since.

It’s 2017 – let’s get this ball rolling!