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  1. Project stuck? Think about how you’re breaking it down & question everything

    If you find yourself in the middle of a project that doesn’t seem to be moving forward - take a step back and question everything.

  2. So how did the onboarding experiment go?

    We tried the onboarding checklist that I had made previously - did it work?

  3. I really like Post Mortems

    Why post mortems after an incident are fun and exciting.

  4. Raise Red Flags Early

    If you think something is going south on a project, make noise about it early. You'll be glad you did.

  5. Running a Structured Meeting

    There are a few crucial things that you can do to run really good meetings. I go over what has helped me run a lot of effective meetings over the years.

  6. Using a Pros/Cons list to help navigate technical discussions

    Discover the humble Pro's/Con's list, a tool that captures every pro and con in technical problem-solving discussions to avoid repeating the same objections and lead to healthier discussions.

  7. Not Communicating is Not an Option