Chip Cullen

Hi, I’m Chip. I’m a Front End Developer living in the Washington D.C. area, currently working at PBS. My background is in design, so I approach development with a designer’s eye.

Blog Posts

Migrating From Wordpress to Hugo

I wanted to share some of the experiences that I had migrating this blog from a Wordpress site to a Hugo site. This is more of a technical “how I did it” as opposed to why I did it. Background After deciding to move to Hugo (after many years on Wordpress) it took some trial and error.…

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Background Repeat and its Possibilities

There is a humble CSS Property that gets overlooked a lot, the humble background-repeat. I recently only learned that there a few options other than no-repeat or repeat available to this, and that they have really good browser support. New Keywords There are two CSS level 3 specification additions to the background-repeat property - space and round.…

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Moving to Hugo

Welcome to the newly hugo-ified I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog front for a few months because I’ve had some other personal projects taking up my free time. But, one thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while was to move my site to a static site generator.…

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