Adactio: A brief list of false dichotomies

Adactio: Journal—A brief list of false dichotomies.

A really interesting article from the ever brilliant Jeremy Keith. He attacks three dichotomies that persist on the web as being not really that clear cut:

  1. Accessible vs. Inaccessible
  2. Documents vs. Applications
  3. Desktop vs. Mobile

I agree with most of his points. I believe his most salient point is that there is no "desktop" and "mobile" and that's all there is. It's much more of a spectrum of devices with varying degrees of capabilities. And that spectrum has only gotten more blurry in the last few years.

I do slightly disagree with the idea that it's hard to differentiate "Documents" vs. "Applications" on the web. I think the distinction is pretty clear: a 'document' on the web is something that is primarily meant to inform. An application is something on the web that enables a user to complete a task.

Even if that task is to create documents. Gmail: Application Twitter: Application Blog entry: Document Software used to create said entry: Application