Web fonts go mobile – Google Web Fonts

Web fonts go mobile – Google Web Fonts.

So many things have become clear lately regarding Google Web Fonts. First and foremost, with the release of iOS 4.2, iOS devices now support TTF fonts in addition to SVG fonts. Which means – yes, Google Fonts will work on your iPhone or iPad (yipee!).

Another new development – new fonts! They are also sortable!

The new arrivals:

  1. Allerta
  2. Allerta Stencil
  3. Bentham
  4. Cousine
  5. Puritan
  6. UnifrakturMaguntia

Of the new fonts, my favorite is UnifrakturMaguntia. It is a really well done Black letter fonts. It’s only flaw that I can see is that the uppercase “B” and “V” are the same. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not.

  • Hi Chip

    The UnifrakturMaguntia capital letters ‹B› and ‹V› are not quite the same, even though they may look (very) similar. Shall I daresay this is a feature, not a bug? Anyhow, that’s just how fraktur fonts look. Other pairs of letters that are easily confounded include ‹A› and ‹U› or ‹k› and ‹t›.

  • chip


    I was starting to suspect that was the case. I’m not an expert by any means on blackletter/fraktur fonts. Thanks for clearing it up!

    My original point stands thought – it’s a gorgeous font.