Useful Links – January, 2012 edition

I’m going to be working on more meaningful blog posts – but I did want to share some good stuff that I’ve found lately:

The Web Ahead Podcast – seriously, one of the most informative podcasts out there in our industry. Stop what you’re doing right now and go listen.

The CSS3 Generator – I’m using this just about every day right now.

Codekit – I’m still only experimenting with LESS and using this App, but it could totally change the way you develop websites.

CSS Lint Documentation – Rules – If you’ve ever used CSSLint, this is the set of rules that it checks against, and why. I don’t agree with every rule (like to not use IDs as part of CSS selectors), but a lot of good insight on current best practices.

Pattern Primer – by Jeremey Keith. This is a great way to start going about building styles. Do yourself a favor, and check out the demo, and look at the stylesheet. I am now writing my CSS differently because I did.

  • Just added the Web ahead podcast to my Zune. Should be a good listen when I’ve exhausted my other regular podcasts.

    • Chip Cullen

      You won’t regret it – all of the episodes are great. The one on HTML5 web sockets was particularly interesting for me, as I was a little fuzzy on the whole concept.

      It’s always ‘first up’ when a new episode comes out.