How to use a more recent version of jQuery in Drupal (without jQuery Update)

There are many things that I love about Drupal, but they way it incorporates jQuery is not one of them. Drupal 7 core comes with, and is tied to, a particular version of jQuery – 1.4.4. That came out in November of 2010. Since then, from a jQuery perspective, Drupal has been frozen in time.

“But wait,” you say, “what about the jQuery Update module?” That is true, that module will do the job, but in a lot of situations, at too much of a cost. jQuery Update replaces jQuery across the whole site – which, unfortunately, breaks a lot of site admin tasks. Check the issue queue for proof.

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My favorite 24Ways article so far: Your jQuery: Now With 67% Less Suck

24 ways: Your jQuery: Now With 67% Less Suck.

I’ve been trying to get better at JavaScript lately, and that will definitely veer me back into jQuery soon enough. I found this article really fascinating because of the practical ways to make your jQuery perform much better. I’m not familiar enough with which methods perform well or not, so this was uber helpful. Check it out!

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