eBay Main Street Home Page

eBay Main Street

eBay Main Street is one of eBay Inc’s primary grassroots sites aimed at eBay “power users”. It is used to communicate about news that affect both those users and eBay itself.

Over the course of several years, I guided the front end development of the site, as well as helped with various site building tasks in the development of new features.

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The EDI home page

EDI – The Delivery Institute

The U.S. Education Delivery Institute is a non-profit based in the Washington, D.C. area that focuses on helping municipal educators affect change at a system-wide level.

They were looking to modernize their website, as well as make it responsive.

This was a particularly fun job for me, because I handled the visual design of the site, in addition to my usual site building and front end development responsibilities.

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The SmartBrief home page


SmartBrief is a provider of industry-centered email newsletters. Their primary website had never previously used this content in a meaningful way, which was why they wanted to rebuild.

They also wanted this site to be responsive, given that their target audience would likely consume content on a mobile device.

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