What metrics matter, and what is “good performance”?

One of the things that I found that gets glossed over a lot in the existing performance advice out there is explaining what metrics matter, and what qualifies as good when it comes to performance

The first question is a lot easier to answer than the second.

What metrics matter?

There are three main metrics that I’m currently focusing on in my work, and for most projects I think these will apply:

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How to assess web performance – a series

I’ve been diving deep into web page performance at my work lately, and I’ve discovered a lot. There is a lot of advice out there about looking at your page performance – but I wanted to put together what I have found as a series of blog posts on the topic.

This will be a distillation of some of the things that I’ve found, and I hope provides useful context for people just getting started out in dealing with page performance.

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