Link: Learn CSS Grid

Want to learn about the new CSS Grid spec, and how to use it?

You’re in luck.

Rachel Andrew is posting a series of videos this advent season about how to use CSS Grid.

They are short, bite-sized videos that will ease you into this new world of CSS layout.

If you’re using Chrome, be sure to go to chrome://flags/, and enable “Experimental Web Platform features” (you will have to restart your browser).

Then, fire up Codepen, and follow along with Rachel.

Link: Resilient Web Design

Jeremy Keith has a new, web-based book – “Resilient Web Design”

He is looking back at the past of the internet to learn lessons for its future. From the introduction:

You won’t find any code in here to help you build better websites. But you will find ideas and approaches. Ideas are more resilient than code. I’ve tried to combine the most resilient ideas from the history of web design into an approach for building the websites of the future.

I also appreciate that the book is “This is a web book, designed to be read on the web (with or without an internet connection).” It is certainly “of” the web.