Link: Accessibility Whack-A-Mole

A great article from A List Apart that reminds us that Accessibility is not a binary thing. You’re not Accessible one day when you weren’t before.

It also acknowledges an issue with Accessibility that rarely is spoken about: it’s often self-contradictory.

I’m dyslexic, and one of the recommendations for reducing visual stress that I’ve found tremendously helpful is low contrast between text and background color. This, though, often means failing to meet accessibility requirements for people who are visually impaired. Once you start really looking, you notice accessibility conflicts large and small cropping up everywhere.

Link: Learn CSS Grid

Want to learn about the new CSS Grid spec, and how to use it?

You’re in luck.

Rachel Andrew is posting a series of videos this advent season about how to use CSS Grid.

They are short, bite-sized videos that will ease you into this new world of CSS layout.

If you’re using Chrome, be sure to go to chrome://flags/, and enable “Experimental Web Platform features” (you will have to restart your browser).

Then, fire up Codepen, and follow along with Rachel.