The reasons behind my redesign

Following up on my previous post about my site redesign, I felt like I could dive a little bit more into my design reasons a little more.

I’ve personally been thinking about the why of design a lot more lately, so I thought sharing some of this might prove interesting. There are two major factors I kept in mind:

  1. People come via Search Engine Traffic – Search engine based traffic accounts for almost all of my traffic. On any given day, around 1% of my visits are direct or referred.
  2. My average visitor only visits one page – I have a very high bounce rate, but I’m honestly okay with that. I tend to write on one subject at a time, and if my ideal reader finds what they need and leaves, that’s cool. I’m not making money off this site.

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Welcome to my redesign – Fall 2014 edition

My first responsive site design was working on this site right here, a little over three years ago. I definitely learned a lot doing it, and I think the fact that it was responsive helped me land a job at the time.

However, I definitely bumped my head a lot against certain things, and in the intervening three years, I learned a lot about how to approach a responsive design.

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If you could only have five Google Fonts

The late, great graphic designer Massimo Vignelli famously used only five typefaces in his career -

  • Helvetica
  • Futura
  • Garamond
  • Century
  • Bodoni


Why would a designer place such a constraint on himself, especially considering the breadth of his career? Typefaces are a tool to be used in design, and he knew these tools well. He knew how extensive those typefaces were, what their strengths were, and where they were weak. He felt he could address the tone of any project with these five choices.

It’s not a bad idea, in this age of widely available digital fonts. You will certainly be moving along with a design a lot faster if you only have to pick from a handful of great fonts, rather than sifting through hundreds of mediocre fonts.

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