Link: CSS Writing Modes

This article on 24 Ways by Jen Simmons is being linked to a lot these days, for good reason.

I had no idea about so much of this. It’s a whole new world of layout thinking out there.

Link: Demuxed Podcast: Accessibility For The Future

This was pointed to me by a coworker – it’s an episode of the Demuxed Podcast, which deals with issues around video engineering.

They delve into the issues around accessibility specifically when it comes to video. I didn’t know the history of competing standards when it comes to captioning files, so that was interesting.

There is also some good “why you should care about accessibility” content in here as well. Give it a listen!

Link: Chrome Bias (and Finding Things To Like in Firefox)

I certainly have a Chrome bias in my work. I will add to this article one anecdotal thing: when I occasionally open Firefox, it is snappy. Firefox never really stuck for me before because it was comparatively slow. That is no longer the case, in my experience.