New Google Web Fonts

Apparently Google is adding new fonts to their font directory fast and furious. There were originally 19 fonts on launch, and there are now 25 fonts, plus new alternate weights on Josefin Sans. The new additions are:

  1. Arvo
  2. Cuprum
  3. Josefin Slab
  4. Neucha
  5. PT Sans
  6. Philosopher

I’m really impressed with the range of weights available with Josefin Sans – you can do some very refined work with those fonts. I can’t wait to see what folks out there do.

EDIT: Has anyone else noticed that most Google Web Fonts now suddenly work on the iPad? Still no love for the iPhone – I’m not sure why that is. There are also a few fonts – like most of these new ones- that don’t work yet.

EDIT (5/12): As of iOS 4.2 (late November 2010), Google Web Fonts work well on both the iPad and iPhone. See the comments below.