Looking back at 2014 – what I learned

Just a quick post, revisiting what I wanted to learn this year:

  • JavaScript – I can’t really say I moved the needle too much on this. I tried a couple rough experiments, but I still want to learn more about architecting larger pieces of code.
  • SVG – this is probably the thing on my list I learned the most about. I played with it a lot, and managed to work it into a few projects. I look forward to using it more in 2015.
  • CSS Animations – I learned the basics of this, but haven’t done a whole lot with it.
  • Better SASS architecture – I’ve figured out some things, but still kind of make it up as I go along for the most part.
  • Test based development – big fat zero on this. It’s on my radar again for 2015.
  • Drupal 8 – my recent job change has kind of steered me away from Drupal in day-to-day work, so I haven’t gone into this with more former zeal. I’ll still keep an eye on this.
  • Front End Frameworks – I am going through the free Code School Tutorial on Angular, so I at least understand what it’s about. The progressive enhancement fan in me still has queasy feelings about Angular, but I get why it’s appealing.

Overall, I’d give myself a B+ on the year. Didn’t get to everything, but I also:

  • Learned to manage a team of developers
  • Switched jobs
  • Revamped this website
  • Oh, and was raising two young children

I will have a post in early 2015 on my goals for that year.