Ligatures.js – the Plugin!

ligatures-js – the WordPress Plugin

Developer Dave Ross contacted me today to let me know he used my ligatures.js script as the basis for a simple WordPress plugin.

It works quite simply – you install the plugin, and then in it’s control panel, you enter the CSS selectors that you want the ligatures script to apply to.

I’ve even installed it on this site.

Thanks, Dave, for whipping up this plugin. I hope others out there find it useful as well.

Go try it out!

  • Isn’t it easier to use font-variant-ligatures in CSS? Supported by Fx4, but it’s coming to other browsers as well.

    • Chip Cullen


      That is true, the CSS rule is easier. It was brought to my attention previously:

      I can’t wait for the day that browsers do support ligatures more fully, but for the time being, JavaScript will have to do (if you really want ligatures in most browsers). Do you know, though, if the new CSS rule is font-aware? That is, will the browser figure out if the specified font has the relevant ligatures in it’s design? I only ask because the number of ligatures vary widely from font to font.