Holiday Book Wish List for Web Designer-Types

So the holidays are rolling around, and perhaps you have someone on your list who happens to build web sites. What to get them?

Web designers and developers tend to be the nerdy sort, and usually love to read. It just so happens that there are a TON of great new books that are coming out lately that would be great gift ideas.

  1. Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke – $40ish dollars for the paperback, $14ish for PDF. Andy Clarke is one of the most respected names in web design, and just released a follow up to Transcending CSS – which was a masterwork, in my opinion. He takes a very bold, forward facing approach to web design – so get ready to be Hardboiled!
  2. The 24 Ways Annual – $14ish dollars for the paperback. 24Ways is an advent calendar for web geeks. They post great articles each day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. This year they’re publishing their articles in paperback form as a fund raiser for UNICEF.
  3. Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design by Khoi Vinh – $29.99 (list). Khoh Vinh is a designer who knows a thing or two about well structured websites – he is the former head designer for the New York Times. This book is a welcome first approach to the topic of grid design as applied to the web.
  4. CSS3 for Web Designers by Dan Cederholm – $18 for paperback, $9 for epub. Dan Cederholm is the author of numerous fantastic books on the subject of CSS. I’ve personally learned much of my approach from him. He recently wrote a short, approachable work for A Book Apart on the subject of CSS3 and how it can be used by web designers today. If you have an ebook reader (like an iPad), I would suggest getting the epub version of the book. A Book Apart approaches their works with the ebook version in mind first.
  5. Smashing CSS: Professional Techniques for Modern Layout by Eric Meyer – Eric Meyer. CSS. Need I say more?