Designing in the open – a moodboard for

A mood board for

I’ve been working on a new design for this site (I’m sick of using a tweaked version of Twenty Ten).

As part of that process, I tried mood boarding. Sad to say, I’ve never really done a mood board before. Better late than never, eh?

So, here is what I’ve got going so far:

A mood board for
A collection of pieces of design that I like, that I'm trying to use as a departure point for my design.

I know it’s very eclectic, but all of these pieces resonate with me on some level. My question is – do they coexist well? It’s a mishmash of fonts, colors, and styles, but there is a thread there.

What do you think? Does this mood board “work”? I’d love to hear it!

  • Laura

    I think it’s a great shooting off point! There is some serious typography in those snaps, and I think it could lend itself nicely to the blog format. My only concern regarding the typography is that those snaps are being used in a singular area – like a logo or single header, where as you’re might be more title of the blog post.

    I’d love to see it more refined. We tend to do something similar to this, but then break it out into something a little more finished, with a header, some body copy, image styles, etc to get a better sense for how it might look in a more structured environment.

    Regardless, I think it’s a great base. šŸ™‚

  • Chip Cullen


    Thanks for the great feedback! That’s exactly what I needed.

    You are right – there is a lot going on here. Definitely a starting point! It’s kind of a mish mash of a bunch of stuff that I liked, and felt like it went together (for me). I agree, getting the typography to work will be a challenge – probably the most important challenge in the design. The type combo in the lower left is what I’m actually thinking right now – a super heavy header font, and a nice sans serif body.

    (I even used the font combinator to figure that out!)

  • Antiqued typography, melded with clean lines and vibrant colors. This… this could be interesting!

    I agree with Laura, Chip ā€” this is a good stepping stone to something more refined. Typography aside, it looks like you know where you’re going with the color palette. If not, might help you to explore some other options you didn’t consider.

    Now that you’ve thrown the “spaghetti on the wall” and seen what sticks, you can start developing several treatments for a header, footer, h-tags, p-tags, images and the lot! Great start. Good luck šŸ™‚

  • Chip Cullen


    Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to start doing more refined, specific things. I’m debating with myself as to wether I’ll make an all-encompassing mockup, or if I’ll design disparate pieces and assemble from there. The idea for the later approach is that I have been designing in the browser thus far – I’m making a responsive design, and have my wireframe already working in a prototype-level kind of way. Now I’m doing the ‘look and feel’ part of the design.

    As for the color scheme – I think I have a good one in mind. It’s funny that you mention Colourlovers – that’s where I put it together:

    Thanks again!

  • Tony

    Chip, that’s a good looking mood board! I actually stopped collecting bits and pieces like that because I tend to latch onto a certain aesthetic and lose sight of the bigger picture or the meaning in the task at hand. But as long as you’re careful not to go off on a tangent this will be a very useful tool. Good stuff!

  • Chip Cullen


    Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to not get too caught up in certain details – I’m more after a ‘flavor’ for lack of a better word. It’s a first attempt at using a mood board, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m going to try to post more refined mocks a little later.


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