Altering the comment form in WordPress


Recently a client wanted to change the comment form on a WordPress site I was building for them. Specifically, they just wanted to have a Name field and the Comment field – omitting the E-mail and Website fields. They also wanted their labels to have particular wording.

I had never done this before, and after a lot of googling, I figured it out. I didn’t feel that a lot of the tutorials out there provided enough information, so I’m hoping to rectify that problem with this post.

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Developing a WordPress site locally, on more than one computer

Let’s say you want to develop a WordPress site on your computer ( i.e., locally), but want to be able to work on that same site from a different computer. For instance, you are working on a site at work, but you have another computer at home, and want to easily work on the site from there.

To work on a site from two (or more) computers, you could constantly copy files back and forth, but the site content and configuration will not be the same. But you also don’t want to work straight off a hosted server, as the lag of FTP’ing changes would be slow you down.

Using the method I’m about to describe, you will be able to:

  • Make changes to your theme files
  • Add plugins
  • Create/modify content
  • Change site settings

And it will also seamlessly transfer from one computer to another.

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