Link: Chrome Bias (and Finding Things To Like in Firefox)

I certainly have a Chrome bias in my work. I will add to this article one anecdotal thing: when I occasionally open Firefox, it is snappy. Firefox never really stuck for me before because it was comparatively slow. That is no longer the case, in my experience.

What web performance tools are out there?

This is the second post of my series on assessing web performance.

This is going to be a whistle stop tour of some of the tools that are out there that will help you measure your website’s performance. This is by no means exhaustive – there are lots of other tools out there that I’m completely unaware of. If there is something you think should be added please add a comment!

This is intended for someone who is wondering “Where to start?” when it comes to performance metrics.

The four tools that I am going to mention are:

  • Dev Tools “Network” tabs
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Web Page Test
  • New Relic (briefly)

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