LINK: 4 Predictions for Web Design in 2011

4 Predictions for Web Design in 2011 by Jacob Gube.

This is the second great article I’ve read on Mashable this week. Good jorb, guys!

Anyway, these are four predictions about what will happen to web designers. The first two – mobile going mainstream, and specialization of skills, are pretty safe bets. They’ve been the same predictions people have been making for a while now.

The third one intrigued me, though:

Simpler Aesthetics for Websites

I will say that I am hopeful that this is true. Jacob’s argument is that designers are starting to forgo visual complexity in favor of simplicity, and that this has been greatly aided by the emergence of true web typography.

Maybe with real typographic resources at our disposal, we will be able to express site’s tone with just a font choice, and not have to introduce a lot of other visual elements.

That hopefully will mean simpler, more thought out solutions that work better.

Here’s hoping for the best, 2011!

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Adactio: A brief list of false dichotomies

Adactio: Journal—A brief list of false dichotomies.

A really interesting article from the ever brilliant Jeremy Keith. He attacks three dichotomies that persist on the web as being not really that clear cut:

  1. Accessible vs. Inaccessible
  2. Documents vs. Applications
  3. Desktop vs. Mobile

I agree with most of his points. I believe his most salient point is that there is no “desktop” and “mobile” and that’s all there is. It’s much more of a spectrum of devices with varying degrees of capabilities. And that spectrum has only gotten more blurry in the last few years.

I do slightly disagree with the idea that it’s hard to differentiate “Documents” vs. “Applications” on the web. I think the distinction is pretty clear: a ‘document’ on the web is something that is primarily meant to inform. An application is something on the web that enables a user to complete a task. Even if that task is to create documents.

Gmail: Application

Twitter: Application

Blog entry: Document

Software used to create said entry: Application

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