Useful Links – January, 2012 edition

I’m going to be working on more meaningful blog posts – but I did want to share some good stuff that I’ve found lately:

The Web Ahead Podcast – seriously, one of the most informative podcasts out there in our industry. Stop what you’re doing right now and go listen.

The CSS3 Generator – I’m using this just about every day right now.

Codekit – I’m still only experimenting with LESS and using this App, but it could totally change the way you develop websites.

CSS Lint Documentation – Rules – If you’ve ever used CSSLint, this is the set of rules that it checks against, and why. I don’t agree with every rule (like to not use IDs as part of CSS selectors), but a lot of good insight on current best practices.

Pattern Primer – by Jeremey Keith. This is a great way to start going about building styles. Do yourself a favor, and check out the demo, and look at the stylesheet. I am now writing my CSS differently because I did.

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My favorite 24Ways article so far: Your jQuery: Now With 67% Less Suck

24 ways: Your jQuery: Now With 67% Less Suck.

I’ve been trying to get better at JavaScript lately, and that will definitely veer me back into jQuery soon enough. I found this article really fascinating because of the practical ways to make your jQuery perform much better. I’m not familiar enough with which methods perform well or not, so this was uber helpful. Check it out!

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Quick Links: Better writing & Design

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how writing is a part of design – not just what design contains. If you are thinking about how to improve your writing, and improve it within your designs, here are two helpful articles I recently found:

25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer

This is just a collection of insights from various authors and fields – easy reading, but thought provoking

Editing tips for designers

Like it says on the tin, it’s some editing tips for designers.

I hope to have more to say about writing and design in the near future. Enjoy!

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