How I got my name

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How did you get your name?

Most people can guess that my real name isn’t Chip. It is indeed a nickname, though I hardly ever think of myself by my legal name.

The story is that my legal name is a passed down family name, one that I share with my father.

My mom agreed to the family name, but she insisted that a nickname would need to be used, and it couldn’t relate to my legal name.

So when I was two days old, my grandmother looked at me, and I apparently smiled at her. Then, she said something that has shaped the course of my life:

“Oh, he looks like a chipmunk – his cheeks puff up when he smiles. Why don’t you call him Chip?”

Now that I’ve had that name for over three decades, I can honestly say: thank you, Grandma.

[Extra points if anyone who doesn’t know me already can figure out my legal name]

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A Book Apart, and living in the future

If you aren’t aware, the fine folks who give you A List Apart and An Event Apart, have launched their own small book imprint. Amazingly enough, it’s called A Book Apart. The aim of their books is to have short, digestible and focused books on web development topics that can get the reader up to speed quickly.

Their second title is called CSS3 for Web Designers by Dan Cederholm. He’s been the author of a number of books on CSS, and have largely informed my approach to front end development. I looked forward to this book eagerly, and bought the epub version to read on my iPad.

The book is available from the iBooks store as well, but do purchase from them directly. Yeah, it’s Paypal, so it’s a pain, but they get their full cut that way and that’s a good thing!

The other reason you should buy the epub version of the book directly from A Book Apart is because they include the bonus ‘video’ version.

Once you get that loaded up in your iPad, and open it in the iBooks app, you will see sprinkled throughout the book embedded videos. They’re usually 8 seconds or so, and only serve to demonstrate the various CSS3 techniques discussed in the book. What they really bring, though, is clarity in explanation.

You get to see CSS animations take place in a book on CSS animations.

I tell ya, we live in the future.

I also have to commend A Book Apart for their judicious use of embedded video. They only included it where it truly helped the content, and didn’t go overboard. I’m not sure I would have been capable of the same restraint.

The ebook is only $9 – go check it out!

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