A new design

After a long, long delay, I’ve finally launched a redesign to this site. I’ve been gradually picking away at it for several months, and I’m thrilled to finally have it up.

The overall feel I was going for was “eclectic”, without being messy. I wanted to have some energy in the design, while still allowing a user to focus on the writing (it is a blog, after all).

This design was meant from the get-go to be responsive, so it changes with the context of the device that you are viewing it on. Responsive design is a big buzz word in the web design community, but I personally a fan of the approach.

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How’s this for a content strategy? Just write.

So I need to fess up. I’ve sinned. I’ve let you down. I’ve stopped writing on my blog for over a month now. I promised at the beginning of the year that I would write at least one blog entry a week. I was actually doing pretty well until this summer.

Then it fell apart.

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Some Big Questions

What is design?

What kind of designer am I?

Who am I as a designer?

What do I believe as a designer?

How can I use design to help our world?

These are questions that cannot, and should not, be answered definitively. The answer to these should evolve over time. If the answers for you don’t change, an alarm bell should be going off in your head. As a friend once said to me “If I’m not worried about something, something’s wrong.”

Are there any other “big questions” that you’re thinking about? Leave them in the comments!

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