The reasons behind my redesign

Following up on my previous post about my site redesign, I felt like I could dive a little bit more into my design reasons a little more.

I’ve personally been thinking about the why of design a lot more lately, so I thought sharing some of this might prove interesting. There are two major factors I kept in mind:

  1. People come via Search Engine Traffic – Search engine based traffic accounts for almost all of my traffic. On any given day, around 1% of my visits are direct or referred.
  2. My average visitor only visits one page – I have a very high bounce rate, but I’m honestly okay with that. I tend to write on one subject at a time, and if my ideal reader finds what they need and leaves, that’s cool. I’m not making money off this site.

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Welcome to my redesign – Fall 2014 edition

My first responsive site design was working on this site right here, a little over three years ago. I definitely learned a lot doing it, and I think the fact that it was responsive helped me land a job at the time.

However, I definitely bumped my head a lot against certain things, and in the intervening three years, I learned a lot about how to approach a responsive design.

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Why SVG is so cool (or: what happens when you’re late to the party on something)

This post is more confessional than anything else. As I mentioned in my post about what I want to learn in 2014, one of the things I wanted to learn more about was SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics.

Man, am I late to this party.

I will confess that until very recently, I really didn’t know much about SVG, and had not really explored it or understood it. I knew the basic idea that it was a web-native vector format, and they were scalable, but that was about it. I also knew that IE8 and below didn’t support it, and as my day job still requires supporting IE8, I kind of ignored it as ‘not usable’ right now.

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