Surviving Getting Laid Off

Once upon a time I had a job that I loved. I had great teammates, and I was doing good work. I looked forward to getting to work every day. One day it came to an abrupt end.

I was laid off.

What I want to talk about is what came next. I felt like I did a lot of things to help deal with the trauma of losing a job that could help others.

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Looking back at 2014 – what I learned

Just a quick post, revisiting what I wanted to learn this year:

  • JavaScript – I can’t really say I moved the needle too much on this. I tried a couple rough experiments, but I still want to learn more about architecting larger pieces of code.
  • SVG – this is probably the thing on my list I learned the most about. I played with it a lot, and managed to work it into a few projects. I look forward to using it more in 2015.
  • CSS Animations – I learned the basics of this, but haven’t done a whole lot with it.
  • Better SASS architecture – I’ve figured out some things, but still kind of make it up as I go along for the most part.

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The reasons behind my redesign

Following up on my previous post about my site redesign, I felt like I could dive a little bit more into my design reasons a little more.

I’ve personally been thinking about the why of design a lot more lately, so I thought sharing some of this might prove interesting. There are two major factors I kept in mind:

  1. People come via Search Engine Traffic – Search engine based traffic accounts for almost all of my traffic. On any given day, around 1% of my visits are direct or referred.
  2. My average visitor only visits one page – I have a very high bounce rate, but I’m honestly okay with that. I tend to write on one subject at a time, and if my ideal reader finds what they need and leaves, that’s cool. I’m not making money off this site.

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