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SASS’s trailing ampersand and modular code

Posted on by Chip Cullen

I recently learned of a feature of SASS that I think is extremely powerful, and little known about. I’m not even sure if it has a proper name*, so I’ll make one up and call it the “insert parent selector”. And it can help you deal with exceptions or variations that might make otherwise modular code become unruly.

And all it comes down to is a trailing ampersand – “&”.

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SASS, Livereload and Chrome Dev Tool crashes

Posted on by Chip Cullen

I’ve been experiencing a bizarre behavior when using:

  • Livereload (either via the app or a command line utility like Grunt)
  • Google Chrome
  • Having Google Chrome Dev Tools open

Where, every time I make a change to an .scss file, and Chrome Dev Tools are open in the relevant window – it will crash when Livereload attempts to update the page.

Aw Snap! Error when using Livereload and Chrome Dev Tools

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Not Communicating is Not an Option

Posted on by Chip Cullen

I was reminded of a basic, fundamental aspect of professionalism recently. I think this applies to any line of service work, no matter what the industry or client.

I had a bad experience this weekend with a contractor who was supposed to come to our house and do some work on some trees. They were supposed to show up at an appointed time, but didn’t. I called 45 minutes later, and I was told that they were at another job site, and would call back in a couple hours. They didn’t. It was basically radio silence all day long.

By the time I eventually did hear from the contractor, I had already reached out to another arborist to do the work instead. Continue reading →

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