A new design

After a long, long delay, I’ve finally launched a redesign to this site. I’ve been gradually picking away at it for several months, and I’m thrilled to finally have it up.

The overall feel I was going for was “eclectic”, without being messy. I wanted to have some energy in the design, while still allowing a user to focus on the writing (it is a blog, after all).

This design was meant from the get-go to be responsive, so it changes with the context of the device that you are viewing it on. Responsive design is a big buzz word in the web design community, but I personally a fan of the approach. Websites are no longer just viewed with desktop computers – there are an ever-growing list of devices that are used to access them. A responsive approach deals with that reality in an organized way.

Because I’m taking mobile devices into account with this design, I’ve made an effort to keep as much of the design “in code” as possible. For instance, at the moment of launch, there are two images used in the design – the bullets in the navigation, and a subtle texture in the main area’s background.

The other thing I’ve tried to do with this design is to use web typography more aggressively. I’m using a number of fonts from Google Web Fonts, including my personal favorite right now, Open Sans. The header face is Ultra, and the sidebar titles are in Lobster Two.

This design is in a “soft launch” mode – there are several things I have left on my to-do list:

  • I’m going to add a portfolio section
  • The site currently is a mess in Internet Explorer. As all IE traffic accounts for less than 5% of my traffic, I decided to go live with the design and not be delayed any further.
  • I need to write more!

One those things are taken care of, you should be seeing a lot more writing in this space. I’ve already got a couple posts lined up and ready to go.

So, let me know what you think of the new design in the comments, or on Twitter!